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My Best Job: Licensed Practical Nurse For A Rehabilitation Facility

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The best job I ever had happens to be my current one, which is a Licensed Practical Nurse, for a sub-acute rehabilitation facility. There are so many lives I have been fortunate enough to touch. The gratitude my patient’s demonstrate for my devotion towards their plan of care is the most rewarding. Now I would be somewhat dishonest if I said every day was a good day, however it seems as though the good days outweigh the bad days. I want to stay true to my first love of nursing, or more specifically, the gratification I feel when a patient reaches goals that were set due to my divisive implementation.
Starting out in the Healthcare field as a Certified Nursing Assistant, I was always inspired by other nurses to further my education and career. As a LPN, I am able to work in a variety of settings such as hospitals, outpatient facilities, long term care facilities, home care and clinics. Fortunately, I have been at my current employer ever since I passed my NCLEX exam. Every day I go to work, I can expect to meet someone new or learn something new. One thing is for sure, every day is challenging.
I can remember oh so clearly my first day as a brand new nurse, I must have been the most nervous person around. I tried to mentally prepare myself but there is nothing like being thrown to the wolves, or so that is what it felt like. As the weeks went on, I eventually came off orientation and had my very own assignment, which were sixteen patients. It started out a little rough, but as the days went on I gained more and more confidence in myself as a nurse. Before too long, I was doing it all; wound...

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