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My Biggest Fear Essay

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Months later after turning him in, I couldn't help but to feel my body tremble more and more with fear. Fear that one day, he would come back. Zeke was going to turn eighteen soon and I knew that no matter what I did I couldn't stop his birthday from coming. It was the first day of December, I just wrote some more to my story, but I could feel things around me feel unsafe.

Zeke's birthday was only next month, and the more it came the more my body was shaking in fear. He was coming! I could feel it, and there was nothing I could do about it. After my brother watched wrestling earlier (What Zeke loved a lot) I could feel my body feel sick, it began to tie in knots. I laid down, closing my ...view middle of the document...

I'll come to Michigan and get you.” was his last message I read on Facebook from him, before my account got deleted.

I thought that my Thanksgiving break was bad at the beginning before it even started. Wednesday, we were going down to the casino to borrow money, which was a five hour drive,and on our way back I was thinking about my boyfriend when my dad slammed on his brakes and my head almost went through the front shield of the car. My whole life flashed before my eyes, and I had a picture of how my life would end. We were inches from slamming into the car in front of us, and we would've gotten into a car accident all thanks to a pickup truck in front of us who almost missed his turn. (Thanks a lot truck.)

Thursday, we ate our Thanksgiving dinner at home just my brother,mom, dad, and I. When my mom got on the computer and was googling house's for sale. I was reading my new book from the library to my dad, who apparently was listening, when my mom tried to check her email. Instead, she checked mine, and let me tell you she didn't just look at one email. I'm pretty sure she looked at them all, but didn't get enough time to read them, when she asked me, “Val, what's this?” I was almost busted, good thing my emails were just about school things, and not my dad. Otherwise, I would've been dead. I explained to her the emails, and completely told her that it was from my teacher. But I never thought my break was this bad!

Every day that goes by and I have to step out the front door. I don't go nowhere near the road unless I'm 100% sure that no cars are coming my way, or even on the road. Cause every time I see one sign of a car, it goes slowly by my house driving past me, and when I blink. I see him! The car stops right by the driveway, and he yells my name. My heart beat speeds up the more I see that he's not alone. His hands are held out ready for me to jump into them and wrap my arms around him, not wanting to let go. Every time I see it, I always go up to him and give him a hug. Then I get into his car, and his friend and him drive off with me in the back seat.

Rubbing my eyes, I know it's not real, and relief crosses my face the more I know that I'm still...

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