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“My Bloody Life” is an influential book because it’s about a young boy that makes poor decisions to become a member of the Latin Kings, which is one of biggest gangs in America. He goes by Lil Loco, but his real name is Reymundo Sanchez. Reymundo was apart of a family that physically abused him. The abuse was from his mom and step dad. He shortly found his place in the world by becoming an active gang member. At age thirteen he was introduced to violence, alcohol, drugs, and sex. He had a big decision to make, which gang he was going to join, if he joined one at all. He decided to join the Latin Kings, he was initiated into the gang. Reymundo did a lot of drugs and was starting to be more violent, he also did not care who he hurt. He was concerned with only drugs and money. Reymundo decided to help his old friend deal cocaine and since he has easy access to such an addictive drug, he starts doing it. Reymundo goes to jail for dealing cocaine. This is where he decides that he has to leave the Latin Kings. He moved out of Chicago and started doing his own thing. Now that he was out of the Latin King gang, he started to think about getting his life in order and possibly going to college.
The theories I believe that were used in to the book are Utilitarianism, Deontologicalism, and Existentialism. Utilitarianism is used because the utility in this book is the money. Money made it easy for the gang members to be happy because they could buy their alcohol, drugs, and weapons. Drugs could also be considered the utility because it always made the members happy, but they also became more violent when they smoked the weed. The next theory that was shown in this book was Deontologicalism. This theory was shown because the gang always had duties or missions to do. These missions usually consisted of harming the rival gangs in the surrounding area. Every member of the gang had rights. Their rights were to have access to the drugs and they had a certain shelter that they met as a gang, they could stay there also. The last theory that was shown was Existentialism. This...

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