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As I enter my last semester of high school, I have to starting thinking about making a plan for the future. The problem for me was actually making a decision that would be right for me, I could not decide what I wanted to do until a few weeks ago. But I finally made my decision about what I think I will enjoy doing, and making a career out of it. There are many paths I can and could take, but the automotive area is the one that sticks out to me. The two technician schools I have chosen are UTI, Universal Technician Institute, and WyoTech University, both of which are tech schools and will help get started. But that is the path I have chosen to go for, and I am going to stick with it.
Cars and other types of automobiles have always interested me. Since I was a little kid I dreamed about cars and wanting to work on them. When I was young I had no idea how a car worked, but it always fascinated me. My grandpa, who was part of the GT1 R racing team Pat Williams Racing, got me more into cars when I was a little older. I was 9 years old when I first saw him race and I after that I was instantly hooked. I thought and still think my grandpa is the coolest guy in the world for racing cars and getting me more into them. I remember going up to Memphis, Tennessee the summer after I saw him race; I asked him so many questions. He would always show me his cars and his tools, and I still remember the first time he drove me around the block in his car. According to my mom and him, I had the biggest smile on my face, and was always saying “One more time, one more time, please?” I loved it so much and I will never forget it. I think that was the spark that started it all for me. That spark grew into flame and now I am obsessed about cars and how they work. From that moment on I have been learning about cars and how they work, but I have only begun to scratch the surface. That is why I have chosen to go into the automotive world.
In order to be like my grandpa, I have to start learning more about how he got to where he is. The first step for me to take is going to an automotive technician school. I found a few places such as UTI (Universal Technician Institute), and Wyotech University which are both great places to get started. My plan so far is to take UTI’s 51 week starting program in order to get me going. After that I will be going to their main school in Charlotte, North Carolina. Once I’m there I will take a racing technician class which is around 15 weeks long, and that puts me right into the seat of racing. After researching some more I found out that if I am in the top 5 students of the racing program, I get the opportunity to be picked up and hired by an actual racing company such as Porsche, Ford, Mercedes, Chevrolet and maybe even McLaren, and get to work for them which would be an honor. But even to get that opportunity I have to start somewhere, and I feel like UTI is a good place for me to start.
At UTI the learning environment looks like a...

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