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My Brother Sam Is Dead Essay

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This essay is about a confused boy, but is determined to find his answer. He has to choose from being noble to his father, and king, or fight for freedom with his brother. His name is Tim (timothy), and has a very religious heart, but he gives it up sometimes, and lies to get out of trouble. He is an intelligent boy and always loyal to his family, when his family split up he has to choose one side, because he loves his family and has to make the right decision. This essay will show you how he overcomes his confusion, how it's hard to get freedom, and his loyalty to his father. This is the life of Tim. This is illustrated through the context of a confusion of choice between a father's loyalism to the king and bother thought of freedom against the king, and how determination could overcome it.

Confusion is very hazardous, you might make a mistake then you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. In Tim's case if he chose his father he couldn't see his brother for an extended period but if he chose his brother, his father wouldn't accept him as a son. Tim was scared, he is intimidated by that fact that this war would dilapidated his family and ruin his life, so its loyalty against freedom. He's grown up seeing people argue about whether the colonists should be loyal to their king or become adversary and start an insurrection. Tim tried to avoid the war but his brother was in it so he couldn't just overlook about it, this shows that he loves his brother. Tim said to Sam "give father the Brown Bess back" (17) Tim needs to give the gun to father from Sam because he doesn't want them to fight. This shows that Tim doesn't want his father to get enraged and at the same time he doesn't want his brother to go to war. This is the beginning of the victory of Tim against confusion.

Freedom was a thing that Tim didn't care a lot about. He just wanted a happy joined family, and the misunderstanding between Life and Sam puts Tim in a really hard position. While Sam is in the rebels army Tim has...

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