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Chris Goering9/23/14RWS100 10amPersonal NarrativeIt's a dreary misty morning, the same as every morning when I leave for school. The streetlights still lit from the night before struggle to breakthrough the muggy gray fog covering the road. I walk outside and can feel the thick wetness on my face, today was special; it was finals day. The pressure of the tests to come looms over-head and creates a stressful aura felt in every tight-lipped response to an inane question asked by the freshman I drive to school. I start the drive to school the same way I would everyday, lazily driving around my neighborhood to fill my car with increasingly annoying passengers, pausing to sit in front of houses ...view middle of the document...

The shock and terror of knowing you are about to be in a serious car crash and not being able to do anything about it is hands down the most terrifying experience I've ever had. I didn't have time to slow down so I quickly jerked the wheel and clipped the back end of his car. The crunch of metal was deafening. In that moment I figured the only thing to do was hold on for dear life. The other car had little damage but it still made the crash a lot more serious; I clipped the back end of the car and it sent my front end sideways, however, my momentum was still going forward. None of the energy from the speed was transferred to the other car so I was going almost the same speed as when I hit him.As soon as my car turned sideways everything went into slow motion, and I can positively say that when car crash scenes in movies are played in slow motion, it's not for added effect, it actually feels like that. The entire ordeal took less than a minute but felt like an eternity, as my car took flight I felt the right side of my body fling up towards the sky. I remember this moment vividly and it plays over and over in my head like a broken record every time I think about the accident. I can recall looking around the car and noticing how slow everything felt; glass was floating across my face as I turned to look at my passenger. My instincts kicked in and I threw my arm at her and pinned her to her seat while simultaneously grasping at the door handle as if my life depended on it, because in that instant, it did. As time stretched on in that small eternity, I saw nothing but gray sky out of my window but was rudely awoken when we suddenly slammed back to earth with vengeance. We rolled end over end two more times, being flung around like ragdolls, before finally falling to rest on the black asphalt. When we eventually stopped moving adrenaline was still coursing through my blood stream, acting on it, I jumped out of my window and in the process gashed open my hand on broken glass. Without thought I opened the trunk and pulled my passengers out, the gravity of the whole situation didn't hit me until later when the police arrived and the adrenaline finally wore off.Coming onto the scene and realizing the full extent of the damage, the paramedics were in disbelief that my two passengers made it out completely unscathed and I with only a cut on my hand. They didn't think it was possible to come out of...

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My Car Crash Essay

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