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My Career As An Athletic Trainer

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As many of you might have guessed, my chosen career is to be an Athletic Trainer. When I tell

people I want to be an Athletic Trainer, they think I mean an actual trainer having to do with lifting

weights, working out, and helping an athlete train. There are actually two types of Athletic Trainers.

The first type is a personal trainer who is hired to help you train for an athletic event and get you in

shape. That is not what I want to. I want to do something totally different than that. I want to be an

actual Athletic Trainer who is on the sidelines of football and soccer games, or an other sport that needs

one. I want to be the person to tend to injured players, diagnose an injury, wrap ankles, etc. I want to

help athletes because I love sports.

There are five different specific employers of Athletic Trainers such as high school and college

sports teams, professional sports teams, clinics or small practices, and hospitals. Athletic Trainers are

hired by different high schools, colleges, and professional sports for different sporting events to ensure

the safety of the players when injured. They are hired by clinics, small practices, and hospitals as

residents who either go out to sporting events or are placed in the hospital. Athletic Trainers go to every

football and soccer game necessary at the high school, college or professional team that hired them.

They are there to aid the injured players and diagnose what type of injury they may have so they can

treat it as soon as possible. The injury will be diagnosed and you may need immediate medical

attention. The Athletic Trainer will tell you to get the injury checked out by going to the hospital and

getting and x-ray, MRI, etc.

Athletic Trainers are a part of a nationwide organization called the National Athletic Trainers

Association (NATA). Athletic Trainers are found all over the country. 35,000 are found in the United

States and internationally, and 40,000 are found nationally. There are 325 accredited collegiate

academic programs found all over the world. The National Athletic Trainers Association has grown

wildly over the years because there has been a great need for people who can help athletes with

injuries. In the 1990's the American Medical Association endorsed athletic training as an allied health

profession. The presence of an athletic trainer was needed for many decades previous. The trainers who

attended the Olympic Games in the early 20th century treated athletes for injuries and prevention. Once

football became an official national sport in the United States, the realization was made that responders

needed to be present to tend to athletes in the case of injury.

The organizational structure of being an Athletic Trainer is complex but it is not too highly

sophisticated. You will need to organize or make charts on what you do such as a log. You keep track of

everything you do in your field or study whether it is...

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