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I am currently studying my first year of Childhood and Youth Studies at Coventry University, and hope to progress and study a PGCE to qualify to become a primary school teacher.
I enjoy working with children and watching them improve over time; it gives me a great feeling knowing that I helped them improve. I have previously undertaken a placement at Coundon Court Early Years nursery, with children aged from six months to five years, I worked with the children aged three to five. From my placement I gained many skills such as patience, a good sense of humour and enthusiasm. I feel that patience is necessary as working with young children can be challenging, and also because all children have their own learning pace. For example, the children aged four and five had written their name starting from right to left. On the other hand the children below this age group included the correct letters that appeared in the name, but all in the incorrect order. Teachers need to be aware of each child’s individual needs and work to help them reach full potential within their capabilities. Patience is also necessary as children are not always going to be familiar with what is being taught to them, I believe that teachers always need to be willing to see things from other people's perspectives too.
The difficulties I experienced with learning as a young child have given me empathy for others when they go through similar issues. A teacher that only recently understood something remembers what blocked their understanding, so they may be more successful in teaching that concept. I feel that a good teacher understands that each student has a different way of processing information when learning. For example, some students are visual learners whilst others are tactile or auditory learners.
In my free time I help two of my younger siblings read and improve their writing skills. I help them by encouraging them to use their phonics whenever possible. Encouraging them to see the phonics, as well as the "whole language" approach, are both proven methods of improving ones reading skills. When we read together, we enjoy the process. This is key to learning. If it's enjoyable, they are sure to continue reading, and improving.
Before my GCSEs I got selected to be a student receptionist, which involved delivering letters and items to different departments of the school. This required me to manage my time effectively as each letter and item had to reach the correct building before a certain time. The time management skills I have gained from being a student receptionist will be crucial as a teacher when required to do lesson planning and also when recording progress made by the children. I was also selected to tour 30 school visitors around the whole school, whilst answering any queries they had about the school.I believe this improved my oral communication skills that will eventually be beneficial in a classroom environment.
During my graphics GCSE...

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