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My Career Goal Is To Be An Ob/Gyn

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As I sat in the Library reading “ What to Expect When Expecting” , I could see the old lady walk by out of my peripheral and stare at me with disdain. I laugh to myself because she probably thinks I am another pregnant teen in DC with out a cause. However, I am not at all the pregnant teen but the future OB/GYN who reads pregnancy/baby books in her spare time for fun. Weird I know, but that is why I plan to apply to UMW’S biology/premed program.
Every since I can remember I have loved babies. They way they smell, the way they coo , but not the way they cry. I just love being around them it always brings out the best people. I have been babysitting since I was old enough to change a diaper. My grandmother who babysat for a while, would always let us help her in the summer time when we were out of school. If I wasn’t babysitting I was watching TLC’S BABY STORIES , show with my mother. I am one of a set of identical mirror twins, humans are amazing and I can not wait to be able to study them further and the art of baby development .
While in high school I have participated in Journalism class. I loved journalism class because I love writing. I have even had a story published a story in regional sports magazine. I won an award for journalism excellence also. I was so proud to have achieved so much in the short time I was in this class. I also am currently in debate class which also doubles as the team, in this class we were able to express our opinions of both sides of an...

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