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My Cft Essay 5

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1. BMI= 17.61 after rounding off at each step
2. BMR = 1309 calories after rounding off at each step
3. Target heart rate at 60% and 80% using Karvonen Formula
Target heart rate range=151.6 to 178.8 bpm


At my initial consultation I would to him that I need permission from his parents so that I can train him. I would ask Chris to get a letter signed by his parents stating that they are aware of his goals and he has their permission to train. I would then establish a relationship with Chris by understanding his needs, daily schedule. I would ask him some questions such as how high school life is going, how many hours he studies and at what time he studies, his school timings, whether he has trained before and so on and so forth. I would then give him some forms regarding his medical history and current medical condition(s) and ask him to get them filled by his doctor. I would also speak to his doctor regarding the medical conditions Chris had or has (if any) and ask for his recommendations as to which exercises he thinks could be detrimental for Chris and then accordingly I would design his workout program. I would also do measurements such as Waist circumference, bodyweight measurement, and body fat percentage measurement and calculate his body mass index, basal metabolic rate, target heart rate range and his daily caloric requirement and tracking them in his workout journal


Faulty posture suggests shift of joint position in relation to normal gravitational line. Improper posture can lead to chronic injuries especially when involved in sports such as weightlifting, powerlifting, wrestling, soccer, etc. Wrestling is a sport involving a lot of explosive moves which require correcting the postural deviations in order to perform them correctly, effectively and efficiently. Therefore, I would conduct a postural assessment test for determining any postural deviation.

Limited range of motion activities performed over a prolonged period of time can create shortened muscles. Chronically shortened muscles can lead to injuries. The moves in wrestling require joints to move through their full range of motion. Hence, it is important to have sufficient flexibility to move the joints through their full intended range of motion. So I would conduct following test for flexibility and ROM assessment: Sit and Reach, Hip Flexors, Shoulder Flexibility, Trunk Extension and Zipper Stretch. This would give me a starting point with which I would be comparing the results of these assessment tests.

Wrestling needs a lot of stamina otherwise it can result in an early onset of fatigue. I would use a Step Test for measuring his cardiovascular endurance as this test is appropriate for all ages and both sexes. If he has or had any breathing problem then I would prefer 12-Minute Swimming Test as it is...

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