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My Challenges Essay

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When I think of myself and the roles and duties I have taken on, I know that I am not satisfied with where I currently am and I am going to continue to make changes in order to reach happiness and to regain the parts of me that got lost along the way. I am a wife, mother, daughter, aunt, sister, nurse, full time student, and a friend to many. I am determined to give my all to each one of my roles, but sometimes I feel that my all is just not good enough. I know that each one of these roles plays a significant part in my life and they are all rewarding as well as challenging in some way. All of my roles have also created numerous hurdles or “bumps” in my life and they have left me with lots ...view middle of the document...

This event taught me a valuable lesson and it also taught me something about myself. I learned how to be independent and strong for myself and my daughters. I figured out how to do home improvements, became responsible for all household chores, and I also learned how to efficiently manage my time. I think this is when I became more goal and task oriented. I became completely self sufficient and I taught my oldest daughter that no matter what life throws at you, you can always overcome it.
The next big “bump” came when my husband’s diabetes took a turn for the worse, what was once controlled was now spiraling out of control. I felt as if I could never leave him alone because I was afraid he would need me and I wouldn’t be there for him. I had to give him emergency shots to save his life two to three times a week for over two months straight before they were able to get everything under control. This made me think and question what would I do if he was no longer there to provide for our family and how was I going to support the girls and myself since I had been out of work field for over a year. It was at this point I decided to return to school to advance my education, so I would be able to provide for my girls if something was to happen.
The most significant “bump” in my life actually occurred at the beginning of this week. My oldest daughter, who is nine, has come to the conclusion that she no longer wants to live with me and she wants to move to Virginia to live with her dad. Even though I think this move will be a big mistake, I have decided to let her go and I can only hope she will remember what I have taught her and that she will understand that she does really need help. This is a very hard pill for me to swallow since the situation isn’t as clear as one would think. My daughter was diagnosed in December of last year with Oppositional Defiance Disorder and is possibly bipolar. I have been tried and tested numerous times since this...

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