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My Challenges As Bilingual Writer Essay

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Writing has been part of my life ever since I learned how to spell my first words. As I use the writing process I had to evolve and learn grammar, orthodoxy, and punctuation. I learned all this in my language which is Spanish. The writing rules are very different in different languages and after having an idea on how to write in English, I always refer back to what I learned in my early years. As I write in English I have faced many challenges to include learning to think in English before I write. I am use to think in Spanish and therefore the words flow as a river with minimum effort on my part. I have tried to think in Spanish, translate my thoughts and then writing in English but has ...view middle of the document...

Ideas come quickly when sad, when something special happened to me or when I look at nature. Susan Wyche said, “I realized that ideas had always come in offbeat moments.” (Wyche 543). Also something that makes me nervous can make me stop completely, because it could be sudden and I noticed that I need time to think thoroughly everything I want to write. I remember when I was an emerging adult, I had many heartaches growing up. I suffered physical and mental abuse by people close to me that I loved very much. The only thing that helped me during those hard years the only thing that helped me to vent was writing. It was and still a way to escape reality for a little bit. I wrote about how their mental abuse, how words like you will never be somebody in life, are you dumb? Nobody will love you because you have a kid. Words can really have an over a person’s life, whether they are negative or positive words. All my feelings and ideas I wrote them in a journal, private where no one, only God knew how I felt. Personal writing had been the only type of writing that I have done for a long time. I did not have to refer to no one because there were only directed to me. Pouring out my heart in the pages of a notebook.
As secretariat of my pastors for the past 6 years, I have written many letters, many as detailed as short, precise and concise. I have made letters based on details that fellow brethren’s in the faith might ask when I'm organizing an event. I am forced to think, write and ask question that people may ask when they want to attend the conference. An example will be, is there transportation available from one point to another? Some other times my mind goes completely blank and I do not know what to write. Anne Lamott said, “We all often feel like we are pulling teeth.”...

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