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My Transition Into College. Describe A Big Change In Your Life.

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My Transition into College

My transition into college was into college was a big change for me. I went from living

comfortably at home with my group of friends that I’ve made over many years to going to new

place where I knew nobody. This is a big change for anyone.

I remember the summer after graduation, the last summer that all my friends would all be

together before we all left to college. The summer went by so quickly and we had a lot of fun

hanging out. It really didn’t hit anyone that we were all leaving until one by one each of started

leaving for school. At this time I knew that it was almost time for me to leave soon and started to

get nervous about leaving home and my friends. I really didn’t know what to expect.

Im a junior now and I can remember orientation weekend like it was yesterday. Going

into school knowing absolutely no one. The first day went by and still no one have made their

groups of friends. It wasn’t until the first night when everyone met in the lounge in our dorm

building. Here everyone started to introduce each other and everyone started to get along. It was

like we all knew each other for many years. From here our whole floor became one big group of

friends that would do everything together. Everyone would hang out together, go to dinner

together, and all sit together if we had any classes with each other. No matter what we did we

where all together. This lasted the whole first semester. It wasn’t until people started to transfer

out to different schools that our group of friends started falling apart. One by one each person

would find things to do on their own and try to avoid everyone. Our big group of friends went

from being inseparable to becoming all individuals. Nothing was the same...

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