My Family And The Lindale Mill

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In the late 1800s my great-great-grandfather, Andrew Jackson Green, moved he and his family to Lindale, Georgia. Andrew Jackson Green moved from Ellijay, Georgia to Lindale, Georgia, because there was a new textile mill in town. This new textile mill was looking for employees and Andrew Jackson Green went there looking for a job. When my great-great-grandfather moved to the new mill town he found a job immediately. Since that time, that textile mill has employed four generations of my family. The lives of the four generations of my family entirely revolved around the town in which they lived. The Mill in Lindale, Georgia offered my family great health resources, spiritual avenues, and practical amenities.
Doctors were one of the great health resources that the Lindale Mill offered my family. One of the doctors that served the Lindale area was Dr. J.N. Cheney. Dr. Cheney started practice in 1916 in the clinic that was built at the mill. Dr. Cheney made house calls to the homes of mill employees with a horse and buggy that was driven by Peg-leg Joe (Gammon 30).
After Dr. Cheney finished serving as the mill doctor in 1917 he was soon replaced. Dr. S.R. Methvin practiced medicine from 1923 to 1945 (Gammon 30). Cheney truly cared for the people of the Lindale Mill. Dr. Methvin returned to his farm in Sylvester, Georgia, and five years after his retirement he passed away in 1950 (Gammon 30).
The doctors that served the Lindale community operated in the Mill Clinic. The Mill Clinic was a small room that was outfitted with a scale, operating chair, blood pressure monitor and other health related tools (Plate 108). This clinic was a place where the people could come and seek medical help when they needed it. The nurses wore long dresses with hats, and the doctor was outfitted with a white collared shirt and a tie.
In addition to doctors, the Lindale Mill also offered another great health resource via a first aid room. The mill had a first aid room that was staffed with nurses on duty at all hours of the day and a physician on duty at specified periods (Jackson). The first aid room was made available free of charge to the people from Lindale. The first aid room was a great health resource that enabled the community to live healthy lives. The first aid room enabled my family to endure sickness and provide them with a key asset to help them with the longevity of their lives.
Another health resource that the mill offered my family was the village nurse. The Village Nurse is one who is loved and liked by everybody (Jackson). Village nurses went from house-to-house to check on the health of the occupants and help them with their health (Gammon 30). Miss May Young once served as the village nurse for the Lindale Mill, and she gave great effort in keeping the health conditions excellent (Jackson). A key health resource that was made available to my family in Lindale was the village nurse.
In addition to the health of the people, the Mill in Lindale,...

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