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My Choice For President And Why He Didn't Win

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My Choice for President and Why He Didn't Win

For the majority of students at the University of Arizona, along with the rest of the nation's collegiate population, the 2000 Presidential Election will be the first in which we will be eligible to participate in. One of the advantages of being a college student during an election year is the amount of education influencing our decisions. Since the beginning of the year my awareness of the Campaign 2000 has grown substantially and I feel confident that on Election Day, I will confidently submit my ballot. Since I am only twenty years old, many of the "hot topics," such as Campaign Finance Reform or prescription medicine coverage, have very little significance to me. On that account, I've decided that over the next four years I want a president who will work for women's issues. Legislation regarding health care and the workplace will most directly affect me during the next presidential term. Additionally, I believe it is important to elect a president that cares about the condition of his country as well as his people. All politics aside, the preservation of the environment is the only aspect that affects every person on this earth. After carefully researching information, speeches, party platforms, and each candidate's stance on women's rights, equality and environmental issues, I have decided that Al Gore is the best presidential candidate for me.
Since Al Gore has served as the vice president for eight years and previously served in the Senate as well, I was able to examine some of the work he has done in two separate branches of the government. The most important issue for me to research was what Al Gore did in support of the woman's right to choose. Since I am a college student, I feel that the issue of abortion most directly affects me over any other issue. Since I came to school, I have had many friends that have become pregnant. Each of them became so under different circumstances and unique situations. What they all had in common was the legal right to choose whether or not they were able and willing to bring a child into the world at the particular time. I strongly support a woman's right to choose whether or not she wants to have a baby. Having a baby is life altering and college women have plans for their futures. Women can no longer depend on getting married and becoming housewives and homemakers. Women today need a college education, a sense of independence, and the right to achieve their goals. Like myself, Al Gore is publicly against the actual concept of abortion. "During his 1984 Senate campaign, Al Gore stated that while he personally opposed abortion, he believed that they shouldn't be outlawed by the federal government." (Gore2000 homepage.) Additionally I discovered that, "Gore Co-sponsored the Freedom of Choice Act, which sought to ensure that states could not chip away at the rights provided by Roe v. Wade," ( the case in 1973 in which the Supreme Court ruled...

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