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My Choice, My Career Essay

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Have you ever stepped back to look at your life and think “what has happened to my dreams,” and wish you could go back in the past to fulfill your goals. I have been going with the flow of life not questioning where I am at and how I have got there until recently. After being asked to write an essay about what interested me in my career, I thought about it and realized I am not interested in the career that I am going for.
In high school, I decided I did not want to go to a four year college much less a two year tech school because I did not want to be in school for any longer than I had to. I knew not going to school after high school would not be the best decision for my future. While in high school, I decided I would go to Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WITC), thus I would take credits in high school that would transfer to WITC. My goal was to get enough of the credits done in high school so I would only have to go to WITC for about a year or hopefully less. I took a look at the catalog that my school had provided and sought out a program that I had the majority of the credits already done for, which was for a Microsoft Office Specialist. That program was offered only at WITC in New Richmond and my friend had wanted me to go with her to WITC in Rice Lake. I took another look at the catalog and saw that the Administrative Professional program was offered in Rice Lake and that I had about one third of those credits already finished. As I got accepted into WITC in Rice Lake, my friend at the last moment changed her mind and decided to go to the WITC in New Richmond instead. Again she wanted me to come with to school with her in New Richmond in which I declined. I was going to go to school for a degree in a program of which I knew hardly anything about.
My first year going to WITC in Rice Lake my classes were mostly all the generals that I was not able to complete while I was in Youth Options. Youth Options is where a student still in high school goes...

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