My Life And Participation In The Church

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“For I know the plans I have for you declares the lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11 from the bible) Since day one of my life, my faith is what gets me through each day. I centered my graduation project on something I care most about because I was involved with my church since I was born. Through activities like a spaghetti dinner in February, Easter fellowship the Saturday of Easter, vacation bible school during the summer, youth babysitting during Christmas, and Christmas caroling these are just a few things I participate in at my church.
The first thing I used in my graduation project was the annual spaghetti dinner the path youth does in February around valentines. I help do things the day before the actual dinner by setting tables up, getting the gymnasium decorated, help prepare food, make the directional sign for where people should go and park, etc… Then the day of I help set the salad out on the salad tables, finish decorating, wrap silverware in napkins, and serve the people when the dinner starts. After the dinner is done I help teardown and cleanup the gymnasium because after everything is put away and the wet mopping is dry on the floor the youth help set up for the 8:45 service the next morning. This dinner takes a lot of time but in the end it is all worth doing.
Then I go right into helping out with the Easter fellowship the church has for the younger kids every year. Each year I try to help set up but I’m usually at a church service during set-up. The actual day I help by sitting at one of the craft tables and making sure the kids have everything they need to do the craft and explain how to do the craft to them. Also there is an Easter egg hunt for the different age groups that show up. In recent years I have been the Easter egg hunt leader for the littler kids who show up that day. All I have to do is show the group where they will be hunting for eggs and letting them know the amount of eggs everyone gets before they can all run lose a second time, and the boundary lines for their part of the hunt. After the event is done I help clean up what needs done and usually this does not take very long to do. My favorite part of the day then is when the volunteers get to go down the old fellowship hall and have their own Easter egg hunt.
Going into the summer the church has an annual VBS also known as a vacation bible school for pre-k up to middle school. The senior high get to help out by getting assigned to a specific area or age group for the week’s event. I usually get stuck with one of the older age groups in elementary or middle school. During the week I would help navigate the group to the different activities, motivate the kids who didn’t want to do an activity, and just be there incase they needed something. This past year though I cracked my lower vertebra during the music trip in the spring semester and had to be put on the technology crew. During the...

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