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My Classroom Management Plan Essay

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I have spent many hours researching, discussing, and experiencing different ways to manage a classroom. Cleveland State University has given me the opportunity to focus a lot of time on developing my own philosophy of teaching and how I will manage my own classroom. I will incorporate my personality into my classroom, while focusing on concepts from theorists Jacob Kounin, Fredrick Jones, Rudolf Dreikurs and Linda Albert, Lee Canter and Marlene Canter, William Glasser, B.F. Skinner, Haim Ginott, and Thomas Gordon. I have taken ideas from each of their models to form my own theory on managing a classroom. I believe in showing students that I care about them and their success as well using ...view middle of the document...

Another important aspect of showing my students that I care will be learning their names quickly. Like everyone else, students appreciate being recognized and addressed by name. Quickly learning and using my student’s names will serve as an important motivating strategy as well.
I believe in a varied pattern of classroom management techniques in order to provide students with a voice and active involvement in the classroom, beneficial procedures, meaningful lessons, and a teacher that can manage the whole classroom. When students have a choice in the classroom, they are more apt to participate and feel as though their voices are being heard. Rudolf Dreikurs is a theorist that follows the idea of student choice. Dreikurs emphasizes to, “First, be fair, firm, and friendly and involve your students in developing and implementing class rules.” (Carjuzaa & Kellough 73). I would like students in my classroom to participate freely and willingly and be able to add suggestions. However, students will not be making their own consequences, as this could lead to further classroom management conflicts. Part of my own teaching philosophy includes Skinner’s model to, “Set rules, rewards, and consequences.” But most importantly to “emphasize that responsibility for good behavior rests with each student.” (Carjuzaa & Kellough 76). Fred Jones, another theorist that pushes student choice, thinks of discipline as a way of stressing student involvement. I strongly agree with Jones and his idea of “helping students support their own behavioral self-control.” (Carjuzaa & Kellough 74). I will use Jones’s incentive system in my classroom, which incorporates a negative reinforcement method in which rewards follow good behavior. Another part of Jones’s model that I incorporate into my own philosophy is the importance of properly structuring my classroom so students understand the rules and procedures I expect from them. For any classroom to run smoothly, routines and procedures must be very easy to follow and clearly stated. I will have procedures posted in my future classroom for how to begin a period, how to turn in student work, how I will handle absences, what the expected behavior is during cooperative learning, and how to end the period or the dismissal procedure. By displaying all of the above teacher qualities and classroom management techniques, I am following part of Kounin’s concept of teacher ‘withitness’. This term refers to “a teacher who is aware of everything that is happening in the classroom.” (Carjuzaa & Kellough 77). In addition to being alert to everything that is going on in the classroom, another characteristic of ‘withitness’ that aids in classroom management is the ability to attend to a disruptive student without neglecting the rest of the class. I believe ‘withitness’ is an essential quality to have in order to maintain proper classroom management.
Keeping students engaged is important in preventing students from acting out....

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