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My College Admissions Essay

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Discovering and choosing a university that fulfills all of my needs was a rigorous yet exciting task. Old Dominion University clearly emerged as the best choice for me, and I a complement for the University. After visiting the campus, reading the information booklet, and researching the University Web site, I realize that Old Dominion University offers what I hope to gain from my college experience. In return, I will contribute to the university as a person with leadership qualities who takes initiative and enjoys participating in school events. I, Megan Denise Graham am applying to Old Dominion University in hopes that acceptance to your institution will strengthen and support my research, which will emphasize rigorous intellectual development and personal formation. Commitment to Old Dominion University would include active research and involvement throughout my academic career, and the recognition of the relationship between research and effective teaching. I feel this trait is exemplified to its full potential amongst persons who represent the institute. For this reason, I deem it necessary to assist in continuing the Old Dominion University legacy of greatness. For many years, I have wanted to become an accountant, and Old Dominion University's School of Business stands out as the premium institution for such training. The University's close proximity to many prominent accounting firms will familiarize me with accounting and the life of a CPA, allowing me the best training possible. As an individual, I will thrive in the intimate and familiar environment of the business school, one of Old Dominion University's largest schools. Coming from a large high...

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898 words - 4 pages specialization. However, I have learned from my dad, the only other master of many trades that I know, that it is possible to be good at many things. I plan to teach my peers at Rice how to live a life immersion in many fields, which I believe is to be truly educated. By stretching my time as far as is allowed consistently everyday I have become a master in the arts and the letters of the modern day. I am a master of academics, fine arts, and service to

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584 words - 2 pages difficult and distressing. Although this alteration has been very challenging, taking this change step by step has made it easier but more time consuming. A quick look at my college transcript can compel the admissions office to place my application to the “rejected” pile rather quickly, but with a more in depth diagnostic, one can extrapolate that a change has, in fact, been occurring subtly. The peak of my academic achievement can be seen in my

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580 words - 2 pages what they may try to be. I use Holden as an example to show myself that just by having an aimless and pointless life like Holden, it will lead to a miserable life. Obstacles that Holden had been through taught me to have goals in life, instead of having an aimless life. And now, my goal is to go to college and develop a well-rounded education in life.

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791 words - 3 pages produces the perfect students, because it doesn't. Even though I now moved to Millis High School in Massachusetts, I still consider my old High School as a school that deserves a lot of credits for its efforts. Often, some part of the mold does remain. As the college experience approaches, I am still the same person, only modified to better maximize my talents. Although I still have some time to play soccer, tennis, and see movies, perhaps one of the few similarities between this photograph and me now is my smile.

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1073 words - 5 pages this could have been a real occurrence. These events are so believable since there have been serial killers who are so well masked that it becomes nearly impossible to catch them unless you catch them in the act of murdering someone. One that I can think off the top of my head is Jack the Ripper who went and targeted women and cut them up. The scene also preys on our fear of the dark, the film is shot in black and which can have an association

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834 words - 4 pages socially. At the time I was not worried about how I was doing academically, after all I had no career goals or a desire to go to college. I had high hopes of my sophomore year going a lot smoother than my freshman year. It did not take long to realize that this would not be the case. My group of friends had split up, leaving Alexis by herself. I wanted to stay friends with all three of them but my decision quickly turned Mya against me which led

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410 words - 2 pages Mi MadreIt took me eighteen years to realize what an extraordinary influence my mother has been on my life. My mother is the kind of person who has thoughtful discussions about which artist she would most want to have her portrait painted by, the kind of mother who always has time for her two children. Since I've grown up with such a strong role model, I have gained many of her interests. I was not only eager to learn simply for the sake of

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547 words - 2 pages I dreamt of walking on Commonwealth Ave. I envisioned myself entering the Morse Auditorium, books in hand, eager to learn. Ever since I had visited the eclectic city of Boston in 2006, I knew it was the right fit for me. I knew that the city itself, along with the remarkable academic resources that Boston University offers would allow me to grow socially and mentally. Until this day I ask questions on end from my comrades at the BU, impatient

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688 words - 3 pages promise her something while she was still in the hospital getting treatment. She pretty much told me that despite not living to see the next day, I should continue to focus on the important things which was getting good grades and hopefully attending college. Losing a parent is hard, but I had to wipe my tears and toughen up because I knew I had to keep my promise to my mother. Combined with help from God and meditation, I slowly started to

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791 words - 3 pages College Admissions Essays - A Photograph Attach a small photograph (3.5 x 5 inches or smaller) of something important to you and explain its significance. At an age when my friends’ floors were strewn with toys, dirty clothes, or video-game cartridges, mine was smothered in paper of all sorts — books, magazines, reams of white and college-ruled, paper bags, paper airplanes. This pattern has survived, and it is representative of

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1971 words - 8 pages Homeschooling: Academics, Socialization and College Admissions Prospects Homeschooling is probably one of the least known and least understood issues in education. Many people tend to think that most homeschoolers are religious conservatives or extremists. However, the truth is that people from all walks of life are joining the homeschooling bandwagon (Ray, 2004). The main misconception is that homeschooled children don’t get the same

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505 words - 2 pages The Power of the Mind and Spirit   Confucius compares education to the sculpting of marble. He said, "Just as the sculptor is to the marble, so is education to the soul. It releases it. For only educated men are free men." I see college as an irreplaceable time in my life when I can begin my journey to find the freedom that Confucius so eloquently describes. While in college, I want my education to bring me face to face with the