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My College Plan. A Personal Experience

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        At first I never had wanted to go to college because I didn't like school, but now
as I get older I realize that I will need a college education to make it in life. So when the
question came up what college would I like to go to? I knew right away that I wanted to
go to the University of Kentucky. It is the only college that I would ever considering
going to, I love this college with a deep passion. They have my favorite basketball team
and the also represent Kentucky (The state in which I was born.).

        From its modest beginnings in 1865, when it was known as a State College, the
University of Kentucky has grown into one of the nation's most outstanding institutions of
higher learning. As a comprehensive land-grant university, UK offers an educational
experience that cannot be matched anywhere in the Commonwealth. The Lexington
campus consist of 764 acres and 24,200 students. It also employs 1,796 full-time faculty
members. UK ranks among the top 100 research institutions in the nation.

        When I was asked the question what I wanted to be when I grow up I really didn't
know, until my Sophomore year of high school. It wasn't till then when I decided that I
wanted to be a journalist. I guess I just hadn't had my call until then. This was the year
that probably changed my whole life. It was the year that I took my first year of
newspaper class. I really chose the class not knowing what I was about to encounter.
But, after I got to know everyone and...

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