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My College Journey: A Career As A Criminal Profiler

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As I’m sitting at home on my bed trying to get all of my school work done on time for classes, I think of all the other things I could be doing or if I should even do it at all. I always end up playing with my puppy, searching the tv for something to watch, or go on social networks and put my homework aside to do later so I can think of ideas. Deciding on whether to even do it or not ends up with me wondering what would I do without a college education and how I need one to be able to pursue the career I want. I'm usually rushing right before classes to finish the assignments with the ideas I've gathered by then.
I chose to apply to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the middle of my ...view middle of the document...

I also want to help people as much as I can to achieve justice for the people and families who have been distraught by criminal behavior or their families.
Working hard in school will pay off once I achieve my goal to graduate from UNLV and pursue my career. My freshman year in high school I was the shy girl in every class that never participated or talked to new people because I was too afraid of being criticized for everything I did, wore, and said. Mrs. Carque was my English teacher during my senior year and she's the one who helped me get past the fear of being criticized by others. I carried this mentality over to college and always remind myself of it. Now, I participate more and talk to the people near me even if I don’t know them at all. I’ve became more sociable also because of where I work. I work at Ross as a sales associate and cashier, So it’s mandatory to greet every customer that passes by or comes to my counter and interact with them.
Working can actually teach people a lot of things that can help throughout school. Something else I learned while working is how to level priorities and multitasking. At Ross we have to first meet to the customers needs which would be help them find something or check out their items then it would be to make sure the store is neat and everything is where it’s supposed to be. This helped me learn the need to prioritize things for school by the necessity for school...

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