My College Transfer From Saudi Arabia To The United States

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It was May last year when I departed my country-the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because I needed to start my college education in America. It was a mixed emotion of excitement, sadness, happiness, nervousness, and fear since I was leaving my country and everyone I loved back home. The thought of being away from my loved ones for a long period of time gave me the greatest scare of my life. I courageously told myself, "Pull yourself together, Majed! 5-6 years is nothing compared to the opportunities that an American college or university would provide you, that you, under other circumstances, would never have back home." This mental disposition has successfully guided me for the duration of my stay in the US.
I originally applied and finished my first semester at Suffolk College because I found the school comfortable and pleasant especially to someone like me who came all the way from Saudi ...view middle of the document...

However, I realized that its curricular offerings do not match my professional goals. Thus, I deem it to be necessary to change school.
After having defined my needs, done research, and asked many friends in the States as to which school best fits or matches me, I finally come to the conclusion that Northeastern University is where I want to be. It is the university where I know I will prosper academically and professionally speaking. My reasons are purely academic.

After doing my own research on Northeastern University and based on the conversations I have had with friends who are currently studying there, I have found out the school offers programs that I find very interesting; the co-op and study abroad programs. With a myriad of undergrad and post grad programs I am hopeful that one of these programs will perfectly match my academic interests.

Campus diversity adds to the richness of Northeastern University. I have heard that there are various active religious and spiritual student groups in this highly diverse campus wherein one can freely be a member of. One example of this is the Islamic Society of NU. Moreover, the International Student and Scholar Institute fosters" interaction and cultural enrichment opportunities for all Northeastern University students." In view of this, no one, particularly an international student like myself, will ever feel alone, homesick, excluded, and marginalized while navigating his or her career paths at NU.

If anybody will ask me to tell them about myself, then I would probably say I am Majed and I am always known to do the things that I am determined of doing. I have consistently proved myself to be successful in all my endeavors and I would do my best to maintain that way. I love challenges and I do not let any opportunity to just slip away. If I want something, I go for it without hesitations. I succeed and always will be because I aim high and work hard to achieve my dreams. I do hope that NU will help me reach for my goals. I firmly believe that NU has what I need to become the somebody I must be

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