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My Computer Will Not Turn On

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So as a user who just built a computer, I used a full size ATX motherboard with 2 DDR3 4GB cards, Intel i7-4940MX 64 bit, AMD Radeon R9 graphics card. I tried turning my computer on and nothing happens. The fan comes on for a brief second then shuts off. I should also say that when I hit the power button no LEDs come on. There are also no beeps when I hit the power button. And finally the screen does not come on as well. I have made sure all the plugs in the back are in the right jack and tight, which they are. I have also opened the case and there were no loose parts. The computer is also in a well-ventilated area so it can get air passing through; it is not in a corner or anything. When I was putting together my personal computer, I did just break up with my girlfriend so it is possible when I was putting together my computer I may have forced something, but I went in and checked the RAM and the DVD drive, the PCI video card and so on, and everything was not broken and not lose. Now thinking about it, when I was installing the processor I did hear a grinding sound but I ignored it because I was still able to close the processor latch. I should also mention that this is my first computer that I have built myself. I have had many computers in the past, but this was the year I thought it would be worth it to build my own personal computer. I asked a friend of mine who is pretty good with computers to come over and take a look to see if he could find the problem. He took all ram cards out, the video card out, the DVD drive, the power supply, and he looked at all the connectors and he could not see an issue with anything so I put it all back in. He also wore one of those anti-static wrist bands so he would not cause any more problems.

I have not studied computers on school and may not know all of the computer terms, please make sure to simplify the terminology so that I will be able to understand everything correctly. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Advice From An Expert
There are many possibilities that may be causing this problem to occur. I will start with the quickest and easiest then move to the more difficult and time consuming. I will do my best to simplify the terminology for you. If done of these solutions solve your problem, please contact me. Let’s start with the simplest solution.

The most common reason for a computer not turning on is the power is not being supplied to the computer. The most common source for this is simply that the computer is not powered on. Press the power button on the tower to ensure that this is not the cause. Other common sources of this problem lie with the power connectors, power cables, and power supply. When one of these fails, the computer will not receive any power and thus not turn on. Even though you mentioned that you are sure that this is not the problem, please check all cables and connectors to ensure that they are securely connected and are not damaged....

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