My Computer Will Not Turn On

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There are many ways to fix a bent pin. The most common technique that many people use to fix their bent pins is using their cards they can find in their wallet (i.e. credit cards, gift cards, and ID’s). Before anything, you would want to make sure to take one of the cards, stand it on the edge of the CPU, and run it through the row of pins. The reason why you would want to do this is because you need to make sure the card is the right thickness, it should be able to slide between the pins with slight resistance and no bending of the pin. Obviously if the card is too thick, you should make sure you change it, and meets the requirements. It can be dangerous using a thick card, using a thick card can cause more bent pins, causing a bigger harm to your CPU. Once you find the card with the right thickness, slowly run it through the various rows with the bent pins in all four directions. Once this is correctly done, attempt to mount the CPU, and if it does not slide correctly into the socket, try repeating the process over. Do not attempt to shove or jam the CPU, this will cause more bent pins, and can possibly cause the CPU to break.

Another technique that seems very unique involves a sewing needle and a mechanical pencil (.55mm mechanical pencil). Basically what you would want to do first is locate the bent pin. But be careful, bending a pin to the opposite side in a fast motion can cause it to snap off. Once it is located you would get your sewing needle and try straightening it out your best. Once that process is done, you will then bring a mechanical pencil, and place the pin into the tip of the mechanical pencil. Make sure there is no lead in the mechanical pencil before this process is being done. You will slowly place the pin that is bent facing up into the mechanical pencil, and this will cause it to straighten out.

Some professional tips are making sure you hold the CPU up and look through it to try to find all the bent pins. If it is not mounting, focus especially for a single bent pin that is facing towards the center, as they are hard to spot. Lastly, if it is not mounting, feel where it is sticking. So if it is mounted in every corner except one, focus closely at that corner and locate the bent pin.

As you can see, fixing a computer issue can take many different steps in all the wrong directions before you can find the solution. If you are looking to solve a problem, remember these key points and you will always be able to solve your problem in an efficient manner. The first key to finding the solution is staying calm and keeping a positive attitude. No matter the deadline, or how difficult the issue, if you cannot do that, the problem is not likely to get solved. To stay calm, try putting on some calming music, taking a break, or sometimes it is as easy as sitting down or standing up. The second key, is trusting your experience or knowledge, it is important to be confident. If you have done this before, you can do it...

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