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My Concert At Paul F. Sharp Concert Hall

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The event of the concert that I viewed tonight was a Sutton Music Series concert. The performance was The Wind Symphony at the Paul F. Sharp Concert Hall in the Catlett Music Center at 8:00 p.m. on February 16, 2005. My response to the setting of the concert was absolute shock. I have never been to a classical concert and therefore did not know what to expect and was very nervous. However, once I got into the theater where the band was I thoroughly enjoyed being close to the instruments and the performers. That allowed me to be able to see what they were doing and how they were playing.

        The first piece that was played was Merry Music for Band (1983) by Frigyes Hidas. Frigyes Hidas was born in 1928 during the Twentieth century. This was an orchestra ensemble which had a light pretty sound that reminded me of Christmas Music. There were points where this piece began to crescendo, but still remained throughout the piece with a lighthearted consonant sound. The piece Merry Music for Band had a vivace tempo while it also had its times of being slow and beautiful. The mood was energetic and optimistic and seemed to be the perfect piece to start the concert off with.

        The second composition was Trauermusik (1844) that was composed by Richard Wagner (1813-1883). This piece was composed during the Romantic period and was conducted by John D. Pasquale. As an orchestra ensemble, this piece had a smooth mellow flow to it with an Andante tempo. The melody of the piece sounded as though it could be lightly sang to while knowing that something tragic has just happened. The slow moving notes of the piece provided a consonant sound to it that created a most peaceful sound with intense emotion.

        The third work in the concert was Concerto for Bass Tuba and Wind Orchestra (1954) composed by Ralph Vaughn Williams (1872-1958). The first movement in this piece was Allegro moderato with an Allegro tempo played by the orchestra. This movement had fast passages with unstable and unpredictable rhythms with an upbeat cheerful mood. Allegro moderato had a lyrical melody with dissonant sound combined with a sense of abrupt emotion to it. The second passage of Concerto for Bass Tuba and Wind Orchestra was Romanza. This movement was played with an ensemble of chamber music at first and later the entire orchestra started playing ranging from a fast to moderate tempo. It had an almost sad mood, but sounded more like a reflection of a past memory with a consonant lovely sound. The tone color or timbre of this movement was smooth and compassionate with a melody that jumped around a little, but for the most part stayed in one range of instrument (the flute) with stable rhythms. Rondo alla Tedesca was the third movement for this piece which comprised of Allegro to Vivace tempo played by the orchestra. The rhythm for this movement had fast passages with a stable but unpredictable melody. The mood of this particular...

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