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My Contract Essay

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This year I will give myself more time to accomplish my goals. I need a new vehicle that will not break down on me. Over the years, I have always driven a used car that needed much more work than what I paid for it. This year I will save my money and build my credit up so that I can afford a new vehicle. Each year I find myself rushing to obtain a vehicle that will get me from point A to B. As a result, I end up fixing on the car more than I drive the car. I have made up my mind that I do not want to go through this anymore. Therefore, I am attending school now so that I will have a great paying career that will help me be able to afford a brand new car. I also plan to graduate from school with honors so that I can get a good position working in a hospital or a clinic.
To help make sure that happens, every day I will put forward my best effort to achieve my goals. I feel like I have been procrastinating by not using my full potential to get the things that I need and want. I have learned that it takes hard work and endurance to acquire the life that I want. There is nothing simple about going to school to learn a new trade. I have learned how to be patient throughout my journey because I have no other choice. I am the only one that knows exactly what I need and I am the only one that will do what it takes to get it.
I deserve to succeed in all areas of my life because I work hard daily to maintain the things that I have going on. I do not procrastinate by waiting to the last minute to complete my schoolwork, chores, and office work. I always give to the needy and homeless. Furthermore, I treat other people the way I would like to be treated. Therefore, I deserve to have great things to happen in my life. It is not easy to count on other people to help me. I have always been independent and hardworking. I learn from my own experiences as my life goes on and I teach what I learn to my kids. They look up to me as their role model. Therefore, I have to set the pace for them to realize that they are the only ones that can mold their future, as they grow older.
I will commit to my own success because I want to have nice things that I can call my own. I was raised in a family that always had used vehicles. I said I didn`t want to go through the same struggles as they did. I decided to be more resourceful and come up with ways that I could adjust my life to deal with any problems. As...

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