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My Cook Out Essay

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The night before Easter I couldn’t sleep knowing what a great day it going to be with delicious food. I had a dream of all the great food we were going to bar-b-que with sides and desserts. My dad and I woke up early Easter Sunday to get everything ready and I knew it was going to be perfect. We started bar-b-queing and I just love the way it smells when I just barely put it on the bar-b-que pit. Especially after the meat cooks for a while, and I open the lid and a white cloud of smoke emerges into my face like when a car burns out and I just inhale then exhale the aroma of the meat. My family and I love to bar-b-que for Easter, so we invite our friends and family to come to our house to have fun and to have a memorable time. My dad, my tio, and I are the ones who love to bar-b-que while my mom, my tia’s, and my girlfriend are making all the sides and desserts. My dad, my tio, and I are in the back of the house by the fence to the left of the house with three bar-b-que pits while my mom, my tia, and girlfriend are setting up the tables under the patio to place the scrumptious food and desserts. For our Easter gatherings, the family always makes the best tasting bar-b-que, sides, and desserts that the family loves.
The bar-b-que is almost done on my dad’s pit he had his famous luscious, savory, and juicy beef fajitas with a little touch of lemon juice that I die for. Also he makes the best baby back ribs, with Jack Daniel’s bar-b-que sauce, where before I even tried to bite into them the meat just fell right off the bone and into my mouth.
On my tio’s pit he has the juiciest and crispiest chicken wrapped in sizzling bacon with soft and creamy mozzarella cheese between them and when I bit into it I felt like I was in heaven floating into the sky. He loves to marinate the chicken in his homemade sauce that he only knows how to make. This is my tio’s favorite chicken to make and I eat it slowly to savor its perfect flavor. He knows how to cook chicken perfectly that everybody loves.
On my grill I had what makes a bar-b-que which is roasted corn my all time...

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