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My Core Educational Values Essay

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My core educational values define what I believe is necessary tools students need to be successful. Such values are provided by the community of people (educators, parents, business partners) who touch the students’ lives. I value knowledge because without awareness of specific content, students are not able to truly feel a part of society. I value development of skills in order for students to apply their knowledge. When skills are applied, students demonstrate their knowledge and ability to function in our current world. I value critical thinking in our students so they can extend their knowledge and skills to solve complex problems benefitting our present and future. I value citizenship and feel that education has a responsibility to model and nurture character qualities in our students. Educating students is raising them equipped with tools that will enable them to function as contributing participants in a productive society. Knowledge, skills, critical thinking, and citizenship are educational values at the core of developing a student ready for the world’s challenges.
The aim of education is to prepare students as contributing members in a productive society. The essential core values of knowledge, skills, critical thinking capability, and citizenship help students grow into adults who contribute positively to the community. I believe that education’s focus on teaching content matter leads to the development of well-rounded knowledge and skills in reading, writing, speaking, computing, thinking, science, and the social world in which we live. Specific content knowledge in these disciplines contributes to equity in education. Such knowledge becomes an internal asset for an individual and is priceless. Student learning is critical to the success of our future and enables the most basic everyday living tasks accomplished with ease. Reading opens the door for learning everything, especially in a print-rich society. Being able to read and follow directions while driving, shopping, and testing are among a spectrum of everyday activities. Everyone may not need to take a test or drive but at some point an item is purchased. Reading is necessary on all levels of life. Education prepares students to phonetically read words and sentences and comprehend what is read. Writing is necessary to convey thoughts and perform other everyday tasks from completing a job application to a medical form. Speaking skills enable students to communicate effectively. Certainly education prepares students to talk in a standard language and learn basic practices in effective listening and speaking. Again, students able to compute and perform basic math operations are able to handle everyday situations. Actions from determining how much fertilizer to buy for the yard to baking a cake involve math computation. As it is important to teach fundamental subjects of reading, writing, speaking, and computing, it is also important to teach thinking. ...

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