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My Country Poem Analysis English Essay

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English speech Final
‘My Country’ - Dorothea Mackellar’s iconic poem embodies all that is magnificent and harsh about the Australian land, she passionately demonstrates her love affair with Australia and its vast and rouged landscapes. Her use of colourful imagery clearly and texturally describes the land, this emotion suggests that she feels more than a simple, patriotic tie to the land. It allows her to take us on a journey as if we were walking alongside her, seeing and feeling what she sees and feels.
We can taste the earthiness, unpredictability and hardship that the land and it surroundings bring. A theme of beauty is created as well as a sense that Australia cannot be tamed, “Her beauty and her terror”. Although Australia can be quite a harsh and devastating environment it too is equally generous and magnificent. This is the Australian identity, her identity. The two are one.
Patriotic and humbling at the same time. The poems intention it to stir up a sense of praising for one’s country, and give insight to a deep relationship with the land. I have captured this element and tone through a visual representation, created as if seen through Mackellar’s eyes and depicted by her words.
Australia’s uniqueness is encapsulated in the first 2 stanzas. Throughout the poem, the use of first person implies that the piece has been written from personal experience. This is achieved by juxtaposing Australia's rough landscape, to her home country England’s tame backdrop.
England's landscape is portrayed as 'grey-blue distance, brown streams and soft dim skies'. Then we have Australia's landscape being described as 'a land of sweeping planes, ragged mountains, of droughts and flooding rains'. This comparison suggests to us the reader that she believes that Australia's wildness is what makes it so utterly unique in comparison to the English landscape, this is something that makes Australia truly beautiful to her and different.
'I love a sun burnt country' what symbolic and well known words. This personification example creates the idea of Australia not just being a chunk of land, but possesses similar characteristics of a person. Personification is presented and thus repeated, by referring to the land as she or her: 'I love her far horizons', 'I love her jewel sea'. The application of this technique lets the writer express how important her relationship with the land is. The theme of...

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