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My Country's Culture (Spain) Essay

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Culture is what makes us special, interesting individuals. My identity would not exist if it wasn't for my own culture. I am who I am because of my family and friends, the traditions of the country I was born in, its food, its history, its dress style...numerous aspects of my individuality are defined by my personal culture. Even though Spain is a hot and over-crowded country, it's recognized as one of the most visited countries because of its food and music.

All the ancient cultures brought a particular type of cook and combined with the food that exists here today. Spain's culinary food is pretty diverse based on an abundance of locally grown vegetables and fruits as well as meats. The best-known Spanish food is a stew called "Paella." Rice is the main ingredient. Even though there are numerous variations, paella is usually made of a variety of jellyfish (such as shrimp, clams, crab and lobster), chorizo (sausage), vegetables (tomatoes, peas). Also, onion, wine and pimiento add...

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