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My Courage And Subpersonalities Essay

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I feel extremely afraid to face up to new situations thus the word I am selecting is courage. As in Assagioli‘s article if I keep this word in mind eventually it will become apart of my daily activities.
Individual use: When used by an individual, the application may be termed psychagogic or psychosynthetic. It serves the purpose of evoking and enhancing qualities which are insufficiently developed, thereby fostering a harmonious and integral self-actualization and realization (psychosynthesis). This concept is presented in detail elsewhere (Assagioli, 1965 p15).
Now the question arises how this helped me in my daily life , many of the simple things in life constitute a lot of courage. Delivering a talk on stage in front of many people from a podium just like a school headmaster does everyday takes a lot of courage and character, so every time before I went on stage I kept saying to myself, “ I have the courage to speak in front of this crowd.
In my case many inner conflicts brew in side me, I want to run away from the stage yet I want to face the crowd and prove that I am courageous.
Courage is a virtue needed to conquer fear or despair. The virtue of courage is important because it can be applied in numerous situations. If people possess courage, they can be strong and stable in situations where they might feel uncomfortable. Since there are many things in life which are stressful and unfamiliar, such as apprehension of the first day on a job, first day at a new school, or...

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