My Cousin Is Gay Essay

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My cousin Aaron has always known he can come to me with anything. He comes to me with any problems he has or just to share something. When he called me this time, he spoke very excitedly. He proceeded to tell me that he had found someone. This was no surprise to me because Aaron often dated different women. I asked him why this was so different, why so excited? He told me this was unlike any relationship he had ever had. I had to hear about this.

Aaron was telling me how he had met this person at work and they became friends very quickly. He told me how kind and understanding this person was. I was happy for Aaron but, I wanted to know more. I asked to meet this important someone and he said "I don't know if you will approve." I did not understand this because I was always respectful of him, and whomever he chose to date.

I sat there and listened as he explained how they talked on the phone and internet all the time. I could not understand what was going on, why he was trying to hide the identity of his new love interest. I tried to stay out of his business but, curiosity was getting the best of me. Finally, he revealed a name. Jake. I was speechless. Jake was another man, how could this be? Aaron had always dated women. I had never noticed any signs of him ever considering a homosexual relationship.

I needed a few minutes to take this all in. We began discussing how some people, especially our family, would not be so understanding about this. I love my cousin and I will not let his feelings for a person change that. I will always be supportive of him with whatever he chooses to do. I know we can not choose who we fall in love with, no more than make the sun stop shining. I know now that even gender can be factored out of the equation.

There are many issues in the media about gay relationships especially marriages. I for one believe if you can find someone you are happy with, it is important. Today's society is more open minded but, there those that feel homosexual relationships are totally wrong. Interracial relationships are accepted more by society then they used to be. Hopefully some day soon, the average person will learn that love knows no boundaries and has no bias.

Here were two people in love, hesitating to act on their feelings because of what others think. Aaron had started telling certain members of our family about Jake. His mother did not accept it at all. She wanted to disown Aaron and said many hurtful things to him. She was not having it that her son was a "Faggot" as she called him. Jake was afraid to tell the rest of his family, because he was sure they would not understand. Aaron's mother and father hated Jake and blamed him for their discomfort.

Aaron and Jake...

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