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My Crazy Adventure In An Animal Cell! A Story A Bo Ut A Boy In Animal Cell.

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I couldn’t believe it. I had no clue on what I had got myself into. I thought I was in a nightmare. Everything was so much larger than me. I felt like I was this tiny spec on a flower. My life had suddenly flashed before my eyes. I had a feeling that my last breath was about to par take.
I knew that I should have never drunk that stuff that my friend gave me. She said that it would take me to another world, but I didn’t take her seriously. I thought it was just her joshing around. How could a normal 15-year-old boy just end up alone in some awkward place? All I knew was that it was a long road ahead of me.
I had begun to walk around this new environment. As I walked further down the walkway the sounds that surrounded me began to get louder. It even got to the point where I couldn’t even hear myself think. I had decided to turn on the next corner to see if I could find out what the entire racket was about and as soon as I did it was like I had entered this whole different world. There was so much going on. There was this huge round thing in the middle and these things just came in and out of it. They looked almost if though they were having a race to get to finish line before they ran out of energy. They really had got my heart pumping.
Since I my curiosity with everything was running wild, I had taken a leap of courage by trying to ask or find out where I was. I first had followed that line of weird stuff going into that round thing. When I entered, I saw a desk with a little blue, giggly jelly that was assigning everyone a place where they will work. I ran to the desk. The blue jelly asked for my name without even looking up at me in the face.
I replied, “My name is John Smith and I need to know where I am”. The jelly guy had looked up at me and gave me a face like if though I was a lunatic. He said that this was a very busy place and that there was no time for fun and games. This was where the basic building blocks of life worked together to become one and there would be no other way of surviving with out us. Young man I will answer your question. You’re in an Animal Cell!“An animal cell”, I replied. “You must be crazy, I’m just a normal teenage boy”. “A boy”, he said very surprised. “What on Earth are you doing here?” I thought that was a dumb question, because if I knew where I was I wouldn’t be talking to him now, would I? But I answered him anyway. “I have no idea, where should I go to relax and think quietly in some peace?” I said. “Are you hungry as well”, he replied. “Yes”, I said questioning where he was going with this. “Go to the vacuole then”.
I took the things advice and headed towards the vacuole. I had no idea where it was, but I didn’t feel like troubling him for directions. So I was on my way to the vacuole. The only thing I knew about it was that it was a big blue thing in the science book. On my way down the street I saw several creepy things. One thing had a really rough wall and looked as if there was a maze inside it....

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