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Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were perfect examples
of victims of the Red Scare. The Red Scare was a nationwide
fear that was present in the United States following World
War One. This fear of communists, socialists, and
anarchists spread quickley across nation, feading on the
easily persuaded minds of the American people. Sacco and
Vanzetti were arrested and put to death for two robberies
and murders. There was obvious evidence that showed the men
were not guilty, but this evidence was ignored because they
were poor immigrant anarchists. There was world wide
protests to save them. The Sacco and Vanzetti trial and
conviction was so famous that it was still making the news
seventy years later.

        In 1908 Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti arrived
separately in America. They both settled in Massachusetts.
Sacco was a shoe maker that had one child and Vanzetti was a
fish peddler in Plymouth, Massachusetts. They were both
Italian Immigrants. As time went by, both Sacco and
Vanzetti fell into anarchist circles within the
Italian-American community. During World War I in 1917 they
both ran to Mexico in order to avoid the draft. They
eventually returned to Massachusetts.

        During April 1920, at the height of the Red Scare, a
crime took place in South Braintree, Massachusetts. Two men
shot and killed factory paymaster, Frederick Parmenter and
his guard. They took the sixteen thousand dollar payroll
and made their getaway in a car. Witnesses to the crime
said that the shooters looked Italian. This crime was
similar to a robbery that took place four months earlier in
the nearby town of Bridgewater. Bridgewater police chief,
Michael Stewart, who had been investigating Italian
anarchists, noticed a link between the two crimes and
planned to set a trap. While all of this was happening,
Andrea Sculsedo, an Italian anarchist, fell to his death in
New York on May 3, 1920. This sent the anarchist community
into turmoil. Two days later on May 5, 1920, Sacco and
Vanzetti were arrested by Stewart. They were the perfect
suspects, poor Italian immigrant anarchists. The police
heavily questioned them for hours. They repeatedly lied
because they feared that their anarchist ties would taint
them. The two men were questioned by District attorney
Fredrick Katzman. After the questioning, Vanzetti was
indicted for the Bridgewater robbery attempt.

        The Bridgewater trial was tried by Judge Webster
Thayer. The prosecuting attorney was also Fredrick Katzman.
Vanzetti decided not to testify at his trial. This left the
prosecutions case only with eyewitness testimonies and
descriptions of the robbers that slightly resembled
Vanzetti's profile. Bartolomeo Vanzetti had a alibi that
was backed up by many witnesses. He was selling eels during
the robbery attempt. Even though Vanzetti had an alibi, he
was found guilty of robbery on July 1, 1920. Even though no
one was actually hurt during the crime, Judge...

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