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My Crazy Family Traditions Essay

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Family traditions
If in fact you think your family’s the weirdest well you’re wrong. My family doesn’t care what time, day, month, week or year it is when they feel like doing it they’ll do it. Some families have annual traditions some crazy some sensible and some just plain ordinary, we have wacky traditions but that’s not all. When we have family outings we have crazy things done, whether it is getting our nails painted or having are hair braided nothing (to us) is too crazy. With that being said I’ll end off with this. Every year someone either has a broken arm, bruised eye or a chipped tooth because of what we do on a weekly basis. We do the weirdest things sometimes. My family is probably one of the craziest because of what we do every week.
We have annual traditions that unlike others we have to jump in water. The swim race is probably the coldest thing we done to date. It requires us to swim across the lake with and ice pack taped to our abdomen. The when we get out we run a half a mile with an ice brick in each hand that weighs about 1 pound each. When we get to the finish line we have to slide our way to the warm zone. I have had a great amount of dives that end horribly but when we do the high dive off a cliff in the desert in the middle of the night yeah it might just break your legs. Let’s just begin with we were doing three sixty’s but when I opened my legs I think I died when I hit the water. We then have a blind run where yes you guessed it we run with a blindfold. We thought would be a good idea until we had run into a patch of cactuses. So let us just say we haven’t figured this one out yet. After we were done with blind run we thought we could have a competition that can last forever. That’s where the floater competition came in. The objective was simple just float with your clothes on. I guess I wasn’t used to this so I lost first and I never did it again. It may seem our traditions are annual but we have monthly traditions too. In the wake of the evening though we did this one year where we scared our cousins while being interstellar galactic schizophrenic aliens.
In the middle of the evening if you go out to the country side and you here a big boom that’s us. We have a monthly tradition called festival of flaming pumpkins and it is kind of obvious what we do. We stack pumpkins and then we shotgun them down and yes they’re on fire. In spite of July 4th and the law we always shoot off big fireworks in sky. My uncle has a stash worth over a thousand dollars and he keeps them until next July...

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