My Criteria For Film Evaluation Essay

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My Criteria for Film Evaluation
There are three major standards through which I decide whether or not I will watch a film: reputation, and genre. Reputation is inclusive of friends and ratings of the film. Usually my friends and I have similar tastes and we are aroused or repulsed by the same films. Reputation is a strong and stable standard for deciding which film to go to, because with such a large population of movie watchers, major biases don't affect the reputation and ratings are fair and accurate. Also, people are inclined to give high ratings to movies that touch them or really make them think regardless of the actual film taking quality. This implies that the highest ratings are something not to miss out on, because I personally believe that movies are an expression of the human self, just like books, or music. Missing out on an amazing movie, is like missing out on upgrade to your mind and the way you think. Ratings are very important.
However, genre is probably the most prominent standard for evaluating films. I will absolutely never voluntarily watch a gore or scary movie unless my girlfriend or all my friends force me to. Films have a strong influence on how we perceive the world, because they take the ideals from every genre, scary, comic, happy, etc. I believe gore and freaky movies are created for a certain population of sickos who like to see the dark parts of the world. I think that extremely scary movies are gateways for creating a shy mind as well as one that is oppressed in a cycle of proving bravery. For an example, watching a movie about vampires or psycho murderers, usually sparks a feeling of fright in the watcher. Some watchers like to be frightened. But I believe that a majority of scary movie enjoyers especially males watch scary movie to prove to themselves that they can handle scary movies, which puts them in a perpetual mode of proving to themselves that danger doesn't scare them by voluntary putting themselves in those types of situations like drugs, fights, etc.
I have also noticed the exact opposite pattern with people who watch feel good movies. It gives them motivation to strive for a life such as the ones they have seen, a goal perhaps. Indeed, the feel good movies may be oppressive in a sense people strive for unrealistic living, something that may not ever happen, but it is always comparatively better to strive for something and never reach it, than to never strive at all. That is why I love feel good movies.
I recently watched The Pursuit of Happyness. It was a feel good movie about a man...

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