My Cultural Identity Is About Things That Make Me. My Controlling Metaphor Is My Hair. Early College Academy English 2 Essay

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“The bigger the hair the harder they stare (Autumn)”. In every class, I have sat in the back because no one can see behind my hair. Even if I had the choice, I would not move to the front. Some mornings I ask myself why not perm it or why not cut it, but I would be lost without it. The struggle is real when it comes to my hair, but it is my hair. My hair is one of the most visual representations of my cultural identity: my hair is limitedly unlimited, complicated, and tangled.
To begin, my hair being limitedly unlimited simply means that my hairstyle can be changed, but not in just any way. I can rock a fully picked-out afro or afro puffs. I can showcase an extremely curly ponytail, or one as straight as a line. This aspect of my hair correlates with my music culture. Full-fledged fro days, I feel like a powerful gospel singer. Days I rock afro puffs make me feel like I’m singing stories, sometimes my own, but when I wear my hair straight, I feel like a pop star. Sometimes, my hairstyles are complicated to the point where you cannot tell them apart, in reference to my curly afro puff with straight pieces.
Complicated is only the beginning to describe my hair. It is complicated like my culture, mostly due to the fact that there is too much. My hair has popped ponytail holders, but it only made me search for stronger ponytail holders. The stronger ponytails...

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