My Father Is The Most Valuable Person In My Life.

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My father is the most valuable person in my life. He is the most courageous, religious, and selfless person I have ever known. My father had passed away when I was fifteen years old. He had died of T-cell lymphoma. He was an understanding father and a loving husband. He was a big influence in my life. All though, he is no longer with me, but he will always have a place in my heart. All he had left behind for me are the precious memories and pictures of him.
My father was a brave man. He had always been a strong optimistic person. He was an honorary veteran back in Vietnam. He had fought in the war between North and South Vietnam. When the war was over and the communist won, my father was sent to prison for fighting against them. My father used to tell me stories about all the hardship and torture he had to face in prison for six years. I know some people today that were in the same prison as my father, became mentally ill after they were released. Unlike them my father became a stronger person and appreciate life more. But troubles keep on looking for my father and wouldn't leave him alone. In 1996, when I was in fifth grade we found out that my father had cancer. He told me not to worry and that he was going to be well soon. I believed him because to me he was invisible. Instead of getting better he got worse and worse as the days go by, but never once did he stop fighting.
My father was a very religious person. He participated and helped out in all of the church activities. He was a well-known and respected person in my church. He had always put God first in his life. My family is always the first one at church and the last one to leave. Even when he got sick, my father would not miss going to church for anything. But when he couldn't walk anymore, he...

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