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My Dad Is The Person Who Has Most Inspired Me

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If I were to choose one person in my life that had the most influence or impact on who I am today, I would say it was my dad. Ruth E. Renkel once said, “Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.” That is evident in the woman I have become from the little girl that my dad raised. With his patient teaching manner and “You can do it!” mentality, my dad is the person who has most inspired me. He was my greatest teacher, my biggest supporter, my best friend, and I would not be the person I am today if not for his loving guidance during my younger years.
When I was younger, I could not wait for my dad to come home from work each day anticipating the stories that he ...view middle of the document...

Always there to hold my hand for support, he would try to light the pathway for anything I wished for; constantly reassuring me that I could achieve any goal that I envisioned with the right effort and perseverance. Right or wrong made no difference; he was always on my side taking every opportunity for me to learn from my mistakes and turn them positive instead of condemning them. I could write a book and fill the pages with the witty inspirational sayings he would use to make it better or give me the pep talk I needed to accomplish my goals.
Most little girls love having tea parties with their dolls, playing dress up donning their favorite pink dresses with lace trimmed pinafores and if they are lucky their mothers would lend them a strand of pearls or a pair of high heels. My dad was my best friend and greatest hero and as spoiled rotten as I was, if I had asked, he would have gladly sat down for such a tea party. Alas, such frivolous fancies were not for a girl like me. I would much rather be covered from head to toe in grease while helping him work on the truck. I had to have boots and jeans to wear so I could go with him and help with whatever he was working on. He fixed everything that was broken in my life, it did not matter if it was mechanical, emotional, or physical my dad was always there to save the day. We had the greatest adventures together whether it was driving our four-wheel drive truck through the...

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