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My Date From Hell: London. Essay

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After I left my job working in peace and conflict resolution management in border schools in the Irish Republic, I moved back to Worcestershire where I found a perfect little house sharing with two others surrounded by fields with the Malvern Hills in the background. One of my roommates was an Australian girl who thought that Egypt was in Europe. It was fantastic but the work was miserable and dreary, and it was impossible to make friends. I found myself longing for some excitement and so I applied for a job as a butler in Surrey near Guildford. Before moving I decided to take a week off during the transition and visit my friends back in Ireland.
On the bus from the station to the ferry I sat next to a striking girl who, seeing that I was reading an article on the group Kiss, started talking to me about how much she admired them. I found it quite extraordinary, but what the hell, if she's pretty enough she can tell me that Elvis shot Kennedy. Together we got on board the ferry and found a place to stretch out. She kept asking me all these personal questions and I realised she was flirting with me, but I was so bloody tired and preoccupied with having to leave Ireland again and, to be honest, unacquainted with such attention by people I had known for less than an hour. I stretched out to sleep which I managed to do for about a half hour but which was enough to wake me up sufficiently to make my move with her. For the rest of the time from the ferry until the time I got of at New Street Station in Birmingham we made out shamelessly, totally oblivious to all those around us. I left her on the bus as she went on to London, telling her I'd call her in a few months....
.... Finally got an e-mail. I had been invited to the Houses of Parliament with a special meeting set up by a dialogue group and Sean O'Calaghan was to be guest of honour as it were which I found extraordinary. So I arranged with her to meet up at 9:30 at Oxford St. Station. I took my bike on the train and cycled around London, taking in the city and the prospect of reacquainting myself later at night with this girl. As 7 o'clock I cycled to the park next to Parliament and sat looking at the Thames, deep in contemplation. Oh boy, I was going into Parliament for a meeting! I parked my bike, went behind some bushes to take a leak as a policeman walked past and then made my way into the building which was a moving experience.
I was deeply proud to be there, even if I felt rather embarrassed. Nevertheless, I had to turn down the offer for an informal chat after the session if I didn't want to be late for the date. As I was leaving, I fumbled for my keys. Where the hell were they? In a panic, I approached a bobby and asked to be taken to the lost and found. Nothing. What the hell was I going to do? I walked out to go to my bike if only to see if it was OK when I found the bloody park locked...

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