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My Day At Court Essay

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I could hear the whistling of the wind as it raced in wisps.
There it stood with its doors wide open, shrouded by a mist of smoke created by several, smoking their last cigarettes in preparation for the events which lay ahead of them.
We entered, the solicitor and I. Paisley Sheriff Court.
I glanced at my watch. Twenty past ten. My eyes darted around the open space. I’d never felt so intimidated by a room before, by a shiny floor that glared up at me, by heels that clicked in an orderly fashion, by black cloaks that engulfed their temporary owners and dragged them into the persona of death eaters.
I have never been in a court before. In fact, the closest I have ever come to the experience ...view middle of the document...

They caught my gaze too.
Four of them, sauntered in with mocking smiles, like a group from the circus who had just gone awol. All bright colours, exploding with streaks of laughter, streaks running down the sides of their tracksuit bottoms, streaks of red escaping from straggling roots of one of the girl’s hair. Bundling in they came, with scuffed trainers and audacious demeanours, as though they were entering an amusement park, not a courtroom.
They sat at the back of the seats- two girls, two boys- just inches away.
“All stand.”
I rose nervously along with the rest for a few seconds as the sheriff sat at his desk.
An old woman was called up and she plodded out to the front and entered the witness stand, clutching her black leather handbag. She was asked to state her name. Her solicitor negotiated her terms. Thereafter, she was dismissed.
Most of the cases proceeded like this: many were ordained to appear in court at a later date for their ‘intermediate diet’ which meant that they had pleaded not-guilty to charges and are obliged to appear in court a couple of weeks before trial to confirm the date of it.
The quartet slouching at the back of the room were rudely yawning, yattering away to each other about the irrelevant escapades of their lives and predominantly, getting on my nerves.
How could people be so ignorant? A hot rush of anger fumed through me at their intolerant behaviour.
Court procedures continued. Solicitors spoke, defendants stood. However, one particular case lingers in my memory. Two were called to the witness stand. It was one of the boys who basked in the pleasure of others’ disdain towards him and his mates. He paraded forwards proudly; unlike the rest. The other was summoned from below, handcuffed to an officer.
It was the most peculiar thing which occurred...

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