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Friends can be described as people we like, and share a bond with. Each person has a different perception of whom they would call a ‘friend’. My dearest friend is Sara because of her loyalty, her outgoing personality, her kindness and trust. These are the qualities I look for in a true friend. People may call a lot of people their true friends but in my opinion, unless they have the characteristics that are like Sara’s, I do not believe that they are actually your friends. Sara is a loyal friend who is trustworthy, kind and overall, a really fun person. This is the reason we do everything together, and hopefully we will also continue to do so.

In the first place, Sara’s loyalty to her other friends is the reason I wanted to be her friend and the reason she is still one of my closest friends. For example, once when Sara was under a lot of pressure when a group of bullies were asking to befriend me, so that she wouldn’t be bothered or harassed by them but she still stayed loyal to me and proved to them that our friendship was worth more than them. Loyalty consists of you being strongly or firmly supporting him or her through anything. If I ever have a decision to make, Sara supports me no matter what. Another example of when Sara displayed her loyalty to me was when she supported me in making the decision of what High school to choose which could’ve changed my entire life if I made the wrong decision.

In addition to Loyalty trust is just as important in a close relationship. I trust Sara openly because she won my trust. We’ve been through so many adventures and experiences together that I know her so well. Whenever I need a shoulder to rest on or a person to talk to I can always count Sara for being there and making me feel much better. For example when I found out my Grandmother had passed, I was extremely miserable. Sara talked to me and helped me get through...

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