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It was the beginning of autumn. The air was chilly and the leaves were flying around like small tornadoes, clouds were darkening to a grayish colour and eventually it started to rain. The drops hit the ground ceaselessly like a bombing raid, and there was a thick fog all around therefore it was pretty much impossible to see any further than 10 metres ahead.
I quickly cleaned my room and finished all of my homework because it was game day. It was my dad's championship match; he was going to be defending his belt, the middleweight title.
"Oh no mister, you're not going anywhere today!" my mom yelled.
"What do you mean I'm not going anywhere? I'm going to see dad's last match!" I snapped.
"Don't you use that tone with me young man. If your dad thinks hitting another man is something right that's his problem, but I forbid you to do anything of the sort. You are to become a gentleman whether you like it or not!"
"Fine!" I yelled back as I slammed the door of my room, I was mad at the fact that I wasn't even allowed to watch my dad's last match of his entire career. I didn't care what mom said, and I was going whether she liked it or not. I locked the door and quietly sneaked out of my window. My room was on the second floor. Fortunately I didn't cut the grass for a couple of months so my landing was quite soft and comfortable.
I hopped on my bike and raced over to the arena as fast as my little bike could take me. When I arrived, the arena was already filled to the edge with anxious onlookers and the media. From where I was standing I could see my dad getting warmed up in the ring. After five minutes, I found a seat and grabbed some food. By that time the lights dimmed, and the announcer got on the microphone to announce the arrival of the opponent. The doors flew open and so did my mouth, because the size of the man was just unbelievable, not to mention his body builder physique. This guy, a boxer from Russia, who was about 6'6" and had such toned muscles that it made my dad's arms look like two scrawny sticks. After seeing that I said to myself no wonder they named this guy "The Giant".
The bell rung for the start of the first round and the butterflies were fluttering around in my stomach. To my surprise the Russian came out with a slow and weak start by just defending all of my dad's punches. The round was nearing its end when my dad got his opponent into a corner and just spanked him. Right jab to a left and a strong uppercut. This nearly knocked the giant off his feet and gave him a nasty cut on his chin. I would have been thrilled about this if I hadn't looked into the Russian's eyes. They looked like they were just ignited and nothing could stop him. Unfortunately I guess my dad didn't sense it.
"Ha son what did your old man tell you, I'm just playing with this boy and he's still having...

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