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My Dental Adventure Essay

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It is true that children learn far more by example than by precept. Reading and listening to stories are a fondly remembered and indelible part of our childhood. My grandpa who was an avid story teller enthralled me with stories that grew larger and more creative with every session. Probably that was a very effective parenting tool that succeeded in instilling values and morals in me, and inspired me to obey him implicitly. It was my grandfather who was largely responsible for my ethical and moral development. He reiterated the importance of putting ourselves in another person‘s shoes in order to completely recognize the broad spectrum of emotional signals. This is how empathizing became ...view middle of the document...

An innate sense of discipline and physical amenability to rigorous routine helped me get good grades. Data mining for information beyond the school hours soon became a favourite pastime. I always experienced a surge of energy, after a hard spell of a basketball or a throw ball session that instantly perked up my mood, invigorating my enthusiasm for studies, thus helping me gain a perspective into the mechanism of my mind.

As luck would have it, when we dropped by a friend’s home for a casual visit one day, I was introduced to a lady who was working as an orthodontist. Our conversation progressed and gradually meandered into the topic of orthodontics. Orthodontic repair mechanism had me wondering how our irregular grinning set of pearly whites can be transformed over a few sessions into things of amazing beauty. There is a boom and growing demand for orthodontic surgeries that help us sustain a charming smile in spite of the oppressing stresses of our mundane lives. It certainly goes a long way in hiding our hideous grins.

My dentist friend seemed to be the master of her own space which she had renovated for the therapy and treatment. The way she dealt with her patients, her kind yet authoritative demeanour, and the patients waving a grateful good bye to her inspired a sense of awe in me. She seemed professionally successful, earned in a higher bracket than most of the graduate strugglers while enjoying a firm social standing that was satisfactory at all levels. I realized that an interesting journey in the realm of human sciences had just then begun.

A dentist, whether good or bad, has full control over his patients, enjoying all the good will and lasting friendships that come as a result of successful dental procedures. My studies continued unhindered resulting in procuring a seat in my chosen college. As I advanced into my undergraduate course, I was convinced that dentistry is a practical science with experiential learning at every step of the way. This meant that I could develop my knowledge and skills also from direct experience which scored over the traditional classroom wisdom where I would be just nothing but a mute spectator. For every treatment there was a solid plan that was to be chalked keeping aesthetics in mind so that the results would be worth looking at. It was in these formative years that I found my interests gravitating towards Orthodontics, a branch of dentistry dealing with alignment of teeth and dentofacial orthopaedics, a subject that also seemed more like a continuation of my childhood musings. Contributing more than my fair share to the socio economic surveys truly uplifted my charitable spirits.

Attempts to find my feet in the world of dentistry began with a realization that my scientific potential lay largely untapped due to pressing academic demands. Almost gripped by my inventive dreams, I worked on an idea that propelled me to find out an alternative for a breath freshener, as this was the...

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