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As Guy Debord claims, “In a dérive one or more persons during a certain period drop their relations, their work and leisure activities, and all their other usual motives for movement and action, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there” (Debord). The book “Hopscotch”, by Julio Cortazar is a book full of derives. La Maga and Oliveira are both on a derive throughout the book. *My derive took place in the mountains of Tehachapi, CA, which was an exciting, and stressful experience. Oliveira and La Maga both had their own experiences throughout the book, which also connects to my experience during my hike with my friend Alexan in the mountains of Tehachapi, CA.
It was Saturday morning at Alexan’s vacation home in Tehachapi, CA. We ate our breakfast, and decided to go for a hike in the dangerous mountains of Tehachapi. It was approximately fifty degrees Fahrenheit and the clouds had covered the mountains, causing the area to be very foggy and difficult to see. Knowing that it was not a good idea Alexan still managed to convince me to go hiking, and he said to me, “Don’t worry it will be fine”. This reminded me of Oliveira saying to Ronald, “I think you feel very sure of yourself, firmly planted in yourself and in your surroundings” (Oliveira 161). Both Ronald and my friend Alexan felt very sure that they were right, and did not have any worries. I do not think Alexan even took a single thought about the dangers we could face hiking in the steep mountains with the harsh conditions we were facing. Ronald did not care to change his mind and agree with Oliveira, because he felt very confident with what he believed.
We got our gear for hiking and started our hike. This was the exciting part of our hike for me. I had never been on a hike in such harsh conditions before in my life, and I was looking forward to see where this journey would take us. I said to my friend Alexan, “I have a strong feeling inside of me that this would not be such a wonderful experience, but let’s do it anyways”. This reminded me of Oliveira saying to Ronald, “You think that there is a definable reality because you and I are talking in this room and at this time, and because you and I know that within an hour or so something predetermined is going to happen here” (Oliveira 161). Knowing that one of Alexan’s neighbors was bit by a snake less than...

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