My Desires For And Commitment To A College Education.

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My Desires for and Commitment to a College Education

Thirteen years ago my father came to America with no money or education believing that he would surely make something of himself. With his very low education he received a job washing dishes at a restaurant to put food on his plate and to pay for the one room apartment that he rented. After four years he was able to bring me along with my brother, two sisters and my mother to come stay with him. With all of us together he had to work two jobs to support all of us and that truly was difficult for him. He soon was able to send my mother to a school for adults so she have a diploma and help out with the bills and purchase some new attire for us to wear.

Once I saw first hand how hard it was for my parents to survive with their low education my one desire and commitment was focused on my college education and coming from a family with does not receive much income I recognize how important it would be to me to receive my education which is why I will strive to receive it. My sister was also a big influence when I saw her graduate from FAMU with a bachelor's degree and now is the credit manager of sears. Watching how successful she has become I knew I could do the same by going through any impediments which may stand in my way. After receiving a bachelor's I will also head for a master's to further open my education.

As of right now I am currently employed as a student library for the Broward County Main Library in Florida. I was hired because of my...

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