My Determination To Leave My Country

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How determination and persistence made me fulfill my aspiration.

        Hitherto my arrival at the John. F.kennedy international airport, I remember my feelings of being caught up in a reverie of years long past. My dream of coming to the United States was fervid and I wondered if my dream was ever going to come to pass.
From my childhood ;I remember sitting and watching television with my dad, I saw children in different amusement parks on television such as Ocean city, P.O.P, Disney Land, e.t.c having a good time in the merry -go- round, roller coasters and some ,playing arcades. I would cry to my dad saying, "please I want to visit the amusement park", "that is America", he would tell me. Then and there the thoughts of coming to America became innate in me. I had a childhood friend who I watched movies with, we both aspired to be in America someday ,to play with the other kids we saw in the television. Luckily for my friend his dad was an ambassador to the United states. His dad sent for him to further his education in the U.S.A, consequently he left me behind. I wondered if my dream was going to become a reality.

        As the years passed by, my childhood friend would talk to me on phone and tell me how the amusement parks , the merry-go-round, the arcades and the roller coasters we saw on television all existed. As I matured in age, adolescence commenced so also the movie industry became sophisticated; in the American movies, I saw spectacular architectural edifice, the breathe taking automobiles, the impressive roads and all the wondrous infrastructures, I compared all these to my country and the keenness to leave my country and discern those wonders things became ardent in me.
I told my dad of my desire to be in the United States, he said it was okay but he didn't have the means to send me abroad; hence I decided to do any thing within my reach to travel abroad.
I took the S.A.T with high expectation of receiving a scholarship to study in the united states of America , unfortunately I was only granted admission . I rallied round my friends and relatives to raise money towards my admission, but the money I received was not enough to purchase the air ticket alone, therefore I used the money I gathered and ventured into the business of buying and selling, hoping to make profit, in other to consolidate my traveling abroad. The business seemed lucrative at the onset.
The situation in my country deteriorated, considering the fact that we were ruled under a military regime that was governed under a dictator , there was injustice from all sectors, even from the police force. It was becoming difficult to survive. Any just person that was antagonistic towards the tyrant leader was accused of being a rebel and consequently put in prison or worse killed. Essential commodities such as constant power supply, good roads,...

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