My Development As A Reader Essay

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With rapid changes in the society and scientific advancement of human race over the decades, the necessity and importance of reading has increased remarkably. It has become a pivotal skill a person should learn to be successful. However, the cultivation of reading as a hobby is not a business that can be undertaken in a day or swiftly improvised by a mere command of the will. As far as I am concerned, the growth of mental interests for reading is a long process, but that is worthwhile because reading has been a vital aid to my emotional and spiritual growth.
Why could I say that it is a long process? Because I am such an example, to say at least. Like most children, I was filled with insatiable curiosity about the world at a young age. I always asked for bedtime stories before I went to sleep and raised some strange questions with my parents now and again. I have been in literacy and could reel off many poems of the Tang Dynasty at the age of three. Owing to my cleverness and curiosity for knowledge, my mother believed that her daughter has innate unique requirements of learning . So when I was just five years old, I already owned a bookshelf and various subjects on this bookshelf. However, it was a wonder that there were books related to philosophy, history and Chinese classical literature, without any fairy-tales for children on my bookshelf. My bookshelf, of course, was just like a decoration in my beautiful bedroom and I had no glimmer of interest to read those books on my bookshelf. My mother was very angry with regards to this, then she decided to get tough with me. She asked me to read books every day and to look up and remember not only the definitions but every detail in a book. She also gave vocabulary drills and quizzes about the book and even devised special kinds of vocabulary tests, allowing me to use my book to see how the words were used. But looking back, these tests, along with many of my mother's methods, were backfired. Until those happened, I had always loved reading,and had read a lot on my own; from then on I stopped. I increasingly hated reading as I grew.
Along with the hate of reading, my grades were getting worse. My mother realized that compulsory learning method is by no means a good way of developing my own reading habit and refigured the approach of teaching. First of all I got my first book from my mother, which is a dictionary. No book is more fun to browse around in if you are not made to. Depending on my age, I found the pleasure and joy has a lot to do with a big dictionary. I looked up funny-sounding words, which I liked, or long words that I...

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