My Diary Day One Essay

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At first, it was only me, with my darkness, inside my egg. We stayed together, for a couple of months, until I received a sudden urge to explore. An urge to adventure! That urge made me start kicking my fragile egg, until it split open like a ship split in half. It was as dramatic as the Titanic splitting in half, only in a much smaller scale. After the “split” of the egg, the light of the outside world intruded into my eyes, invading the darkness that I had faced for so long. Finally, my true life had begun!

Next, I saw a lot of things, and my first sights included:

Deep, deciduous forests that covered the land around me, with forest green leaves blocking my vision after a certain distance. The greenery was covered with dew, which was thick and sweet-smelling. Its scent seemed to be sweeter than the sweetest peach in the whole of the forest. There was also something blocking my view. It looked like a frog, with a smooth, jungle green coloured skin. It covered the pudgy neck, the bulging tummy, and extravagantly big cheeks. After taking a peek at that frog, out of instinct, I realised that the frog was my mother. Additionally, I noticed a pond in front me, with baby pink lotuses and forest green lilypads floating round.

After I was done peering at my surroundings, the lilypads and lotuses seemed to drift around in the water. Subsequently, I looked up, and I saw two full grown men shoving through the forests in spotless white clothes. They walked on the other side of the pond, and their footsteps produced vibrations on the ground. Those vibrations traveled through the water, which shifted the lilypads and lotuses along with the water.

As they were walking, a hamburger fell from one of the man’s pockets. It looked interesting, so me and my mom wafted across the pond, dodging the lilypads and lotuses on the way....

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