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My Dream House Essay

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As you were little, have you ever wondered about how your house will be when you grow up? When I was twelve years old, I dreamt of building my house in a nice and quiet neighborhood, where my family would feel safe. My definition of a dream house would be the house I build for my family to feel safe, comfortable, and enjoy every good moments in the house. My dream house will contain 7 bedrooms with all walk-in closets which would each hold a bathroom, an enormous living room with the kitchen along with a dining room nearby, and a gigantic backyard which would all be three floors.
The first floor will feature five bedrooms one of them will be the master’s bedroom, three will belong to my children, and the fourth bedroom will become the entertainment room, a place where my children can go to whenever they need distraction. On the right side of the floor will be the master’s bedroom. I will have a creamy beige carpet, and my king size bed will be located in the middle of the room but against the wall; on the other hand my T.V will be facing me but also under my dresser. In addition, there will be a large size glass window on the right side of my room which will permit me to have a view of my backyard. Close to my dresser will be my walk-in closet; I will have my shoes and clothes arranged by colors and designer. Moreover, my shower will be found on the left side of my room. In the shower, you will find the bathroom countertop in the middle but also against the wall and on top will be my medicine cabinet/my mirror next to it you’ll find the toilet; my Jacuzzi placed on the left and on the right will be my bath. A door glass will separate the bath with everything else; I will have my water coming out of every sides of the wall in replace of a shower pump. As for my children rooms, they will all be on the other side of the floor, but close to each other. Their rooms color will come from their choice meanwhile keeping it white will be the idea. The entertainment room would not be as sophisticated as mine and my children’s, I will try keeping it as simple and have a lot of games for each one of them. the other two rooms will be located on the third floor, in my basement and those rooms will be consider as the guests rooms in the same basement you will also small movie theater for my family movies night.
Furthermore, the second floor will contain my enormous living room with the kitchen along with the dining room. My house will be painted in white, next to my front door will be my two car garage; both my front door and garage...

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